Talking About Fantasy Football is My Least Favorite Sport

When I was in college, my friend’s sister came to visit from her hippie commune in Oregon. (That’s what she called it.) My friends and I were discussing our upcoming fantasy football draft, and she had no idea what we were talking about. This was 2012. At the time, I couldn’t believe it. Now I realize she was right to think the whole thing sounded weird, and I was perpetuating the dumb fantasy football culture in America by thinking she was the weird one.

Minus the Bear's Jake Snider Ranks the Band's Six Albums

In Rank Your Records, we talk to artists who have amassed substantial discographies over the years and ask them to rate their releases in order of personal preference. After 17 years, six albums, a handful of EPs, and a B-sides release, Seattle prog/math/indie rock band Minus the Bear announced that they were calling it a day following one last EP and a farewell tour. They knew things were winding down while they were touring for the tenth anniversary of 2007’s Planet of Ice but didn’t want to

The Longshot brings Billie Joe Armstrong back to the basement in a sweaty, glorious First Unitarian gig

It’s sort of surreal to see Billie Joe Armstrong play in the Church basement. Not that he hasn’t played venues like this while Green Day was starting out, but to see the guy who’s sold out countless arenas and festival grounds play on top of the alphabet carpet in front of a couple hundred people is still odd. What’s even more odd is not hearing Green Day songs.
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